Customized by Life Science HR Experts

Life science companies are increasingly looking to initiate talent development workshops that are flexible and accessible for employees in today’s hybrid/remote work environment. In response to this need, Danforth offers customizable talent development workshops to help clients improve collaboration and productivity. We have partnered with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), backed by over 50 years of research, to deliver scalable programs tailored for life science organizations at all stages.

The programs may be implemented company-wide, for small teams, or for selected individuals focused on specific skills. Our HR consultants can facilitate the various workshops or assist clients’ internal HR staff in rolling out the programs. Sessions may be conducted online or in person.

Download the workshop summaries here.

Why Danforth?

  • Talent development explicitly built for life science companies
  • Our program facilitators are highly skilled HR professionals with experience inside hundreds of biotech companies and a real understanding of effective training
  • We customize training topics to align with life science company stages and requirements
  • Workshops complement our flexible, accessible consulting model, adapting to and evolving with your company’s development stage and business priorities
  • For MA-based companies: Danforth is an official training provider for the Workforce Training Fund Program, which means our talent development workshops are reimbursable by the state of Massachusetts.

Let’s get started.

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