Thoughtful strategy and programs to tell the story of your science, progress and potential

Articulating your science and value through words and imagery requires expertise and imagination. Argot Partners, a Danforth Advisors company, offers a specific communications skillset and depth of knowledge in life sciences to help you deliver the right messages to the right audiences in ways that can positively impact the outcome of your business.

Important audiences include investors and analysts, partners, key opinion leaders (KOLs), healthcare providers (HCPs), regulators, lawmakers, consumers, patients and their advocates, and employees. Using strategic counsel and tactical support, the Argot team reaches these audiences through direct communication, third-parties, scientific or thought leadership, and social and earned media.

Strategic Communications

How Argot Can Help

Corporate & Financial Communications

Storytelling, news flow planning, visibility campaigns and competitive positioning are all fundamental components to properly conveying your message, vision and value proposition. The right story engages your audience and compels them to action. Argot prides itself on insightful and informed written deliverables, ensuring that your long-term goals and investment rationale are communicated and that your company is positioned to create and preserve value.

Investor Relations

The Argot team works with senior management and IR professionals on all IR needs, from targeting and outreach to ongoing relationship management, from quarterly announcements to key outcomes communication, and from banking conference planning and execution to medical meeting support. With their proprietary CRM, Acumen, they help you manage and track your relationships over time to help translate interest into action.

Initial Public Offerings

IPOs and other vehicles to bring a company public are communications-intensive and involve storytelling that lives well beyond the transaction. Companies must also establish best practices in anticipation of operating as a public company and prepare for increased scrutiny from a variety of audiences. Argot brings a depth of knowledge and discipline to the process of offering your securities to the public for the first time, and can work in close coordination with Danforth CFOs and specialists who support the entire IPO process and post-public compliance. Click here for more information.

Merged Media

Merged media draws together the disciplines of earned media and digital/social strategy to amplify your story and reach your key audiences. Be it a “coming out of stealth” announcement or a major industry transaction, the Argot media team delivers broad coverage of meaningful corporate news by leveraging decades of media relationships. Social/digital strategy takes this further by delivering unfiltered narratives that project your culture, your mission, your values, your data and your scientific leadership.

Key Outcome, Partnership & Special Situation Communications

Key data announcements, partnerships, product approvals, executive and board transitions, corporate repositioning, regulatory updates, ESG, DEI, and many other key outcome and special situation communications require foresight and experience to handle effectively. Through years of experience and a deep bench of senior communicators, Argot has built communications programs around countless key outcome, partnership and special situations announcements that can alter corporate trajectory.

Creative Services

The visual representation of complex biological processes and pathways, data, drug mechanisms, corporate strategy and timelines can be the difference between effectively communicating a story or not. The Argot design team integrates a number of disciplines to help you translate complex ideas into a visual medium that enhances understanding and recall. Offerings include art direction, branding/logo design, website design, social media campaigns, biomed illustration and video, annual reports, fact sheets and infographics, presentation design, and print and digital advertising.

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