A flexible, capital-efficient model to fill a valuable role for emerging life science companies

While the guidance of a seasoned Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is valuable to early-stage life science companies, this expertise can be gained without the costs of a full-time role.

We have aggregated highly qualified, industry proven talent in this space to help companies access specialized knowledge in a flexible way – whether part-time or project-based – scaling as needed. These professionals can be a critical asset as programs move from research into development.

Development Strategy

Key Considerations

  • We engage with life science companies at earlier stages of drug candidate program development – when CMO-level talent may be cost-prohibitive to in-source or to augment the expertise of scientific advisors. Guidance provided by our fractional and interim CMOs spans all stages of the development continuum, including preclinical advisory and Phase 1 – Phase 4 clinical trial design and implementation oversight.
  • Deep sector knowledge and relationships help facilitate alliances. We can provide experts in distinct therapeutic areas and technologies, who are well versed in the development approach endorsed by big bio/pharma.
  • Keep your capital focused on lead assets. De-risking the science and building value is key for early-stage companies. Diverting invested capital to infrastructure costs, including full-time salaries, can be viewed as value detracting by potential investors or acquirers.

How Danforth Can Help

Clinical strategy and development guidance

We can provide guidance on overarching clinical strategy as well as lead indication selection specifying a distinct development path, and lead the target product profile (TPP) process – creating the roadmap for downstream development.

Strategic augmentation of clinical development resources

Beyond preclinical stages, we can provide expertise in early clinical development to determine proof of concept, as well as advisory across Phase 1 – Phase 4 clinical trials.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) relationships

We have a well-established network to help clients build important relationships with KOLs.

Clinical guidance for preclinical and IND planning

Begin with the end in mind. We provide input and guidance toward the IND enabling preclinical plan, ultimately supporting the clinical development plan.

Credible resource for clinical investigators and CROs

Our experts bring name recognition to help open the doors with selective clinical investigators.

Support for capital raising and collaborations

Our deep understanding of the information required for due diligence from potential investors and partners supports deal making.

How else can we help?

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