Interim CFO Firm Succeeds by Keeping Sights Narrow

Published by CFO Magazine

If you’re a CFO, you know the option is always out there: shed the nerve-jangling life of a full-time finance chief, hang a shingle, and begin providing finance services to multiple clients on an interim or part-time basis. Many experienced finance leaders have made that transition, in some cases opting to work alone, in others founding or working for a larger firm with a number of professional colleagues. While such ventures often start out serving the industries in which its founders are experienced, many branch out after a while, preferring to beef up their client lists and gain experience in various niches.

For someone with strong experience in a highly specialized vertical, however, the best business gambit may well be to stay strictly focused on it. Gregg Beloff and Daniel Geffken were CFOs with long histories of working for life sciences companies when, in 2011, they formed their own firm, Danforth Advisors.

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