The Business Section of Your Form S-1 is the Tip of the Spear

In today’s age of texting and Twitter-sized soundbites, truly talented writers can be hard to find. Rarer still are the writers who can understand and synthesize complex technologies into a compelling story that also accounts for market dynamics, investor appetites and SEC requirements. This is the formula for a well-written Form S-1 business section, and the quality of this single section often dictates the expediency with which the form gets filed – setting the pace for your IPO.

Our Approach

There is no shortcut to drafting a quality business section. We take a meticulous approach to researching and compiling the right information to construct your distinct story. Input from multiple sources is distilled into a single voice and properly framed for the investor audience.

Our Process
  1. Gather and assess all available company information, including corporate presentations, marketing materials, prior offering memoranda, regulatory filings, etc.    
  2. Conduct research on the markets, indication, technology.
  3. Build framework for the business section to establish flow and cadence, then populate it with the assembled information.
  4. Present rough initial draft to client for review and comment.
  5. Conduct several rounds of revision based on client feedback to produce solid working draft for organizational meeting. Having a well-baked document at this stage will expedite the timeline from org meeting to filing.
  6. Actively participate in review of the document with bigger stakeholder group (company executives, bankers, attorneys) and revise as necessary. This stage requires a thoughtful balance of input and ability to integrate content without “writing by committee.”
  7. Finalize the document and file with SEC.

Need help? Our business section drafting specialists apply a wealth of sector-specific knowledge to construct a company vision that is both compelling to investors and aligned with SEC requirements. Click here to download our fact sheet with additional details.