Podcast: Selecting an Investment Bank for an IPO

BioDech | A Global Life Sciences Broadcast Series by Dechert

Danforth’s Gregg Beloff joined David Rosenthal, corporate and securities partner and co-lead of Dechert’s life sciences practice; along with Gabe Cavazos, Senior Managing Director in Investment Banking at SVB Securities; and Mark Hahn, CFO of Verona Pharma, to discuss the process of selecting an investment bank for an IPO. Among the key takeaways, the relationship should be cultivated well in advance.

“The relationship doesn’t begin at the start of the financing. This relationship is something that you should curate and develop over time. It’s always nice to start a relationship when you don’t absolutely need the services, and getting to know someone is going to take time, reciprocally, for them to understand both you and the company, the science… So definitely take advantage of looking ahead and getting to know your bankers and their various components well in advance of a financing.”

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